Yemen is a good example of the application of the "six degrees of relationship" theory, according to which we are all linked to the rest of human beings by no more than six intermediaries. Nothing was less certain than that, at first glance, in this country which has been able to protect its culture and traditions from outside temptations, and which could seem, from a distance, to be a bit of a "village of diehards".

Nevertheless, it is the culture of hospitality and generosity, two qualities inherited from this preserved tradition, which allows this country and its inhabitants to have acquired, unanimously among its visitors, this reputation of warmth that makes it, with the authenticity of its lifestyles, a travel destination that stands out and that seduces many.

A people known for their tall houses made of stone or adobe, Yemenis often traveled and built emotional bridges with parts of Africa to the west and India and Indonesia to the east. The country has thus maintained its geographical location at the end of the Arabian Peninsula, which was once an obligatory part of the incense route.

It is therefore not a trip like the others that this Middle Eastern country offers to anyone who wants to try to discover this great territory, made of green mountains and immense deserts, populated by men and women who often differ greatly from one region to another, but who share a great pride, that of their country, which every Yemeni is always happy to show to those who tread the earth, and who are bruised by any act that would be done against their visitors.

Yann Le Razer

THANK YOU. My first thoughts go to Mohammed Jamil Al Huraish, a unique Yemeni. I also associate the friends I met on the roads of Yemen, notably Rémy Audouin, Marylène Barret, Marc Deballon, Denis Douveneau, Gilles Gauthier, Jean-Claude Lauribe, Jérémy Roeygens, and of course Jean-Guy Sarkis for our time loitering in the old city of Sanaa, and all the others, who have particularly given a complexion to this first year spent in this country.

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