Welcome to Belarus! This small country wedged between Poland and Russia is still a mystery to most Europeans. In 1991, following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, it became independent for the first time in its history. At the crossroads of West and East, European culture and the Slavic world, Belarus is a synthesis of these two worlds. Often ignored by the media and sidelined by the international community, behind the Lukashenko-Chernobyl stereotypes, Belarus hides the image of a welcoming and captivating country. The "blue-eyed country", so called because of its many lakes, offers its visitors an idyllic landscape: green countryside dotted with storks' nests, forests as far as the eye can see, lakes with crystal-clear waters. Impossible to deny it: the real treasure of Belarus is above all its magnificent, wild and picturesque landscapes! Still far from the routes of mass tourism, it retains the authenticity of the villages, towns and population. This is especially the case in rural areas where time seems to slow down, where the hospitality of the people and their traditions seem to be preserved. Everything here is spontaneous: wild and lush nature, the small colourful houses of the country villages that grow like mushrooms in the middle of the forests, the remains of castles and residences of nobles scattered throughout the country, generous people ready to help you discover their multi-faceted country. The richness of its culture and history are part of a bewitching discovery. The destination is ideal for a family trip, for nature lovers, hikers, campers. Belarusians are flattered, almost moved, that foreigners take the time to visit their country and are interested in their culture. The welcome you will receive will be unequalled. Three hours by plane from Paris, you can enjoy a change of scenery without feeling lost in this country which will turn out to be much more European than you thought.

Thank you. Thanks to Irina Gordienko from the Ministry of Tourism, Alexandra Giro, Natalia and Daria. Thank you to all my hosts and to all those who contributed to my discoveries, especially to the Martchuk family from Kobryn, to Irina, Sergei and Elissei who helped me to see a different face of Belarus and to make my stay unforgettable.

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