Welcome to Georgia! Sakartvélo... Few countries can sound as foreign to a French ear as Georgia. Neither Europe nor Asia, neither far nor near, Georgia does not fit into any known category. Post-Soviet country? Conflicts in the Caucasus? War with Russia in August 2008? Stalin's homeland? Clichés live long and ready-made images are not necessarily engaging... Yet, who would suspect that this small country fighting to be in the sphere of the West has one of the greatest tourist potentials in this part of the world?

This ancient territory, its civilization several thousand years old, its churches perched in impossible sites, its traditions, its love of wine, its polyphonies, its turbulent history, its cosmopolitan capital, its subtropical coasts, its immaculate mountains, its medieval frescoes, its picturesque habitat, its mild southern climate? And the hospitality of his people! This so small country is full of influences from Persia, Turkey, Greece, Russia...

Straddling two of the most beautiful mountain ranges of the Eurasian continent, spread over its fertile plains, high plateaus, green hills, toying with the opposing influences of the humid Black Sea and the arid Caspian, how could Georgia be more attractive to the traveler? One will be amazed every kilometre that the landscape and climate change so rapidly, that each valley unfolds a new breathtaking site, a troglodyte town, a perched monastery or an evocative fortress ruin...

We will see the rock where Prometheus was chained, the river that Jason brought up to Colchis. We'll get drunk on the one that some say is the cradle of wine. You will be captivated by the friendliness and generosity of its inhabitants, which is always surprising. And we will remain fascinated by this omnipresent Caucasian nature that the hand of man has so little soiled.

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