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8 circuits à emprunter pour découvrir les splendeurs rurales des Balkans occidentaux

The Western Balkans is a region of Europe that includes Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo*. These territories are home to a beautiful nature and varied landscapes, between translucent lakes, rivers, mountains and the Adriatic Sea coast. There are also towns and villages with a rich heritage. So many places where you can meet the local population, discover their way of life, traditions, crafts and ...

Wine Explorers : le seul blog de voyage sur tous les vins du monde

Jean-Baptiste Ancelot's blog is the realization of an unprecedented project: a tour of the world of wine. On Wine Explorers, you can discover a multitude of wines from around the world. And for good reason! He travelled to 88 countries and visited 530 estates, which corresponds to 400,000 km travelled. During this interview, he told us about his incredible adventure.How did you get the idea to create such a blog? Jean-Baptiste Ancelot: "It ...

10 alternatives aux destinations trop touristiques en Europe

Its diverse landscapes, cultural richness and exceptional heritage make Europe a unique continent. Among the most important cities in its territory, cities such as Paris, Rome and London conquer the hearts of countless travellers every year. However, if you are still amazed by the size of the Colosseum or the excitement of Piccadilly Circus, many other unknown destinations are worth a visit in Europe. From Italy to Macedonia and Norway, the ...

20 destinations sous-évaluées à découvrir de toute urgence !

Are you tired of "classic" destinations? You plan holidays but want to avoid the hordes of tourists? It's time to go out of the beaten tracks to discover places that are still unknown or unknown, which yet really worth the detour! Here are the twenty strokes of the Little Futé. Do not hesitate to enrich this list!Sarajevo, Bosnian PearlStill tempered by the painful war that struck the former Yugoslavia in the 1990 s, Sarajevo was able to ...