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Naples, culture, restaurants et randonnées sur la côte amalfitaine

Land of joy, home of philosophers and poets, Naples and the Amalfi coast happily combine nature, art, culture, gastronomy and archaeological treasures. It is here that the ancient and forever fixed cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, the remains of Paestum, the charms of Capri, Ischia and Procida, the unforgettable delights of the Amalfi Coast... You will soon see that Naples is a city of contrasts, between tradition and modernity, between ...

Top 10 des crèches de Noël dans le monde, préparez vos marteaux, la n° 7 est DIY

Nativity scenes are one of the strongest symbols of the Christmas holiday. Passionate craftsmen sometimes reproduce the Nativity episode to perfection. Between art and the sacred, these true masterpieces require a goldsmith's work that often spans the whole year, before they can be presented during the expected period that extends throughout the month of December. Whether traditional, original, living or inanimate, all these cribs are ...

Les 10 volcans les plus impressionnants !

A volcano and its eruptions can make you miss your holiday like in April 2010 with the Eyjafjöll in Iceland. But yet an active volcano, its lava flows and ash projections, is THE trip to the center of the Earth that everyone dreams of, as long as you always remain careful. Le Petit Futé takes you from Kilimanjaro to Mount Fuji via Vesuvius for a torrid encounter with some of the most beautiful volcanoes on Earth. Nature's elements full of ...