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10 pays pour un tour du monde des pays commençant par M

It's the dream of many of us: to sail around the world alone, in pairs or with friends, putting work and everyday life aside for a given period of time, and then setting sail to a multitude of destinations around the globe! A round-the-world trip is the perfect opportunity to see a multitude of landscapes, to travel through cities steeped in history, to hear different languages and to taste a varied gastronomy. Of course, there are some ...

La Moldavie : voyage au coeur d'une des destinations les plus secrètes d'Europe

Moldova is a small central European country located between Romania and Ukraine. Far from mass tourism, this territory still unknown to many travellers nevertheless conceals many treasures and offers the possibility of a stay where time is slowed down. From this country whose independence only dates back to 1991, we retain a notable heritage in the main towns and villages, numerous monasteries with various influences and above all a ...