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10 expériences incontournables à vivre en Sibérie

Siberia impresses with its incredible diversity. Its landscapes, which combine dense forests, arid deserts, lakes and mountains, give it a different look each season. The temperature differences are indeed impressive: from -60° in winter to +40° in summer! A sometimes hostile nature that nevertheless conceals treasures to discover, such as the Irkutsk Oblast and its impressive Lake Baikal, the largest freshwater reserve on the planet. ...

10 destinations pour profiter de la neige cet hiver

Every year it's the same story, we dream of a Christmas under the snow and on D-Day, not a shade of a snowflake! This winter, pack your bags in search of the cold: the 10 destinations we have selected are among the snowiest in the world. From Russia to Estonia to China, these cities wear their most beautiful white coats in winter and offer a magical setting, the opportunity to take sumptuous photos and memorable snowball battles. Hats, ...

10 animaux en danger, à découvrir et protéger avant qu'il ne soit trop tard...

Every day, new animal species disappear. In question? The devastation made by human beings in their places of life. Several associations, such as WWF, are taking action to protect them: do not hesitate to help them by taking part. The world of tourism is also evolving and shipments to the discovery of these endangered animals are increasing, allowing travelers to realize the problem. Here is a list (unfortunately not exhaustive) of the ...