Severobaikalsky District, Davcha, 671715 Buryatia, Russia.

Situated between the Bargouzine Mountains, whose peak reaches 2,841 m, and Lake Baikal, it covers 248,176 ha, plus the 15,000 ha of Baikal. It is a beautiful mountainous country crossed by 14 rivers, whose clear and fast waters sometimes form powerful waterfalls. Its numerous mountain lakes and glaciers make this region truly enchanting. The administrative and scientific center is located in Davcha, a small village on Lake Baikal, 450 km north of Ulan Ude. It can be reached by helicopter (rental from Ulan Ude Intourist - one hour's flight costs $400) or by boat or hydrofoil from the Baikal port located 70 km from Irkutsk. The region has short and cool summers. August is the hottest month; February is the coldest. The average annual temperature is -4°C. Founded in 1916, the aim of the reserve was to protect and study the precious Bargouzine sable, then in danger of extinction. Thanks to the activities of zoologists and forest rangers, the sable population has increased considerably. Access to the reserve is limited. Only tourists on organized trips around Lake Baikal have the opportunity to visit the reserve and the museum founded about 30 years ago.

To visit the Bargouzine Reserve, contact the tourist agencies in Irkutsk or Buryatia. Another possibility is to come by bus from Ulaanbaatar or by boat from Irkutsk. The village of Oust-Bargouzine is of little interest.

For accommodation, ask for the hotel located at 31 Lenin Street. For full board, count 1,100 RUB. Rooms for 2 or 4 people; no hot water.

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