Welcome to Lapland! To discover Lapland is to embrace wild and deserted expanses as far as the eye can see. Lands that can be guessed in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia, but whose borders remain mysterious, eluding definition. A space where nature reigns supreme. Bears, gluttons, reindeer, eagles, whales and salmon live in this territory. The landscapes alternate between plains, forests, tundra, fjords, cliffs and lakes. It is a setting of tales and legends in which trolls and Santa Claus meet.

Here we meet an original people, the Saami, whose heritage of traditions remains important, and who still struggle today, thanks to the Saami Parliament for example, to defend and represent their interests in today's society.

All these images that come to mind when we think of Lapland are those that we discover when we arrive in these lands of the Far North. The diversity of the landscape is intrinsically linked to the changing seasons. In winter, when the snow covers the surroundings with its white coat, sporting activities such as skiing or sleigh rides are in full swing. The magic of Christmas resounds in every village. In the sky, the sun gives way to the fantastic ballet of the Northern Lights. Then summer arrives, and a totally different setting is offered. Green nature reappears. Hiking trails become a paradise for walkers, or simply lovers of the great outdoors. And the endless days, of a sun that never sets. A land of contrasts. A trip beyond the Arctic Circle is a fantastic experience on its own. It's definitely a journey to the end of the world.

THANK YOU. Many thanks to all the people who helped me during the trip and for the writing of this guide: Sandrine Perret-Moore, Nina Aalto, Salla Tauriainen, Sanna Tuononen... Thanks also to Léon and Crab Uaerraht and to all the people I met on the road and who were able to pass on to me their passion for this wonderful country.

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