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Laponie, rendez-vous nature chez le Père Noël

Beyond the Arctic Circle, Lapland is nestled in the northernmost part of Europe, between Finland, Sweden and Norway. Travelling to these lands means discovering a harsh climate, unique landscapes and activities that only exist there. With hundreds of kilometres of pristine wilderness, this is a region with more reindeer than people. Here, the adventurer in all of us wakes up and the Northern Lights enter scène ! Lapland, a mythical ...

Les 10 escapades à offrir pour la Fête des mères

Mother's Day is coming up dangerously close... and you still don't have a present for your mom? We thought of you this week so you wouldn't end up with a last-minute poem to give. How about a surprise weekend getaway for the woman who's always taken such good care of you? European capital, Great North and Normandy, sunny or cultural destination par excellence, there is something for every taste and for every mother. So don't hesitate any ...

Les 10 restaurants les plus insolites d'Europe

Tired of your little neighbourhood brewery, you dream of a dinner that is out of the ordinary? It's a good thing since some restaurateurs compete every day with each other in ingenuity to make you taste their dishes in surprising worlds, to say the least! In the air, on the ice or in the dark, from Paris to Rome, here is our selection of 10 restaurants that focus on the unusual. And would you be ready to try number one? N°10 - EspaiSucre in ...