Route 955, heading south-west, connects Inari with Menesjärvi about 30 kilometres away. Continuing the road you reach Lemmenjoki, at the gateway to Finland's largest nature park (2,850 km²), where, amidst this grandiose nature, the Lemmenjoki River, also known as the "River of Love", flows its waters. Tearing through rocky depressions, lined with dwarf birch and twisted, the park opens onto large swampy areas. Lapland's soil, dotted with moraines, contains enough gold to attract prospectors, especially on the Lemmenjoki River, where an international gold panning competition is held every year. In 1945, the Lemmenjoki valley was the scene of a veritable gold rush. In northwestern Lapland, the vegetation is becoming scarce and turning into tundra. Only the high mountains accompany the traveller to Norway.

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