The E63-5 road from Kuusamo to Kemijärvi in the northwest prefigures the polar solitudes. Once past Mount Suomunturi, you cross the Arctic Circle. The landscape changes imperceptibly to make way for more imposing hills. This silent universe contrasts with the thick forests of Karelia where the Kalevala epic was born. The thousand-year-old songs give way to the joik (traditional song) of the people of Lapland: the Saami. The boreal universe of the Noaids, the Lappish shamans, opens its doors to you.

Kemijarvi is located on the shores of Lake Kemijarvi. It is a village rich in traditions and activities related to nature. You can discover the surrounding area by taking a ride on a sled dog, horse or reindeer-drawn sleigh. The small town also has a few art galleries, a local museum and a museum dedicated to snowmobiles, these machines that are indispensable for getting around during the long winter.

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