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Between a rich past and a rich present, Vienna alone synthesizes multiple currents. Its strategic location on the banks of the Danube, its turbulent history and its position on the eastern edge of Europe make it a city with a unique atmosphere. The old town of the Austrian capital still marks the cultural melting pot of the capital and dazzles with its imperial splendour. St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Hofburg, the many Baroque churches and the multi-centenary cafés betray an exceptional past. Along the Ring, palaces and monuments thread like pearls on a necklace: the National Opera, Musikverein, the Museum of Fine Arts, and luxury hotels are all places to admire. Beyond that are the Bobo districts of Neubau and Mariahilf, the residential districts of Josefstadt and Wieden, the former Jewish district of Leopoldstadt. While Viennese people pay daily tribute to their glorious past by continuing to frequent cafés and enjoy legendary pastries, they are well anchored in their present. The city is full of contemporary art projects, trendy shops and iconoclastic boxes. And to relax and go green, a tram ride is all it takes to reach the heights of the city and the Heuriger, where you can enjoy the new wine in the middle of the vineyards. Vienna has many facets that deserve more than a weekend to explore, so follow in the footsteps of Mozart, Zweig, Strauss, Freud, Klimt....

What to see, what to do Vienna?

When to go Vienna ?

To go to Vienna, the seasons do not count... If the end of autumn is sometimes a little gloomy, the Christmas period is surely one of the most typical with its many Christmas markets, their wooden stands and the eternal mulled wine shops to resist temperatures below 0 °C. Spring is, after the Christmas and New Year's holidays, the season with the highest tourist numbers (especially from April to June), but at this time of year, the weather remains unpredictable. In summer, during school holidays, Vienna empties of its inhabitants. The climate is beautiful, the heat is still quite bearable and the city is open to you for bike rides or walks. Hotel rates are lower, and the general atmosphere is more relaxed. The lowest tourist periods then correspond to the months of January (after the holidays), February, October and November. Attractive discounts are then available in most hotels. But be careful, they can be offset by a congress or an important event. During the summer, July and August, hotel rates are acceptable.

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Covid-19 : current situation Vienna

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, entry and travel restrictions may apply Vienna. Remember to visit the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before you leave for the latest information
Practical information for travel Vienna

How to go Vienna

How to go alone

It is very easy to travel alone in Vienna. Public transport and hotel facilities are abundant, you can make your choice. To avoid wasting too much time queuing in front of each monument, remember to buy your tickets in advance on the Internet or on site the day before. Queue-cutting tickets also save time for a few extra euros.

How to go on a tour

"Vienna in the footsteps of Sissi","Romantic Vienna","Vienna, capital of music": tourism professionals organise many short stays in Vienna. You will also be offered combinations with Salzburg, or with the other capitals of Central Europe (Budapest, Prague). You can finally opt for a cruise on the Danube.

How to get around

It would be unnecessary and expensive to carry a car inside Vienna. All tourist attractions, even the most remote, are accessible by bus or metro. Offers are available for a few days or by the week. For the Vienna Outside the Belt, the main attractions around are accessible by public transport.

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Discover Vienna

A green city, one of the most pleasant cities to live in and a major tourist destination, Vienna is a jewel. The city center is full of Baroque palaces, Gothic buildings, Art Nouveau buildings and grandiose squares with statues of emperors or musicians that evoke the richness of its history. Other futuristic monuments stand in the heart of the business district or the fantastic MuseumsQuartier. Vienna is also innovating with new eco-districts. One can appreciate the excellence and the variety of the cultural program and the richness of the museums where one can admire the works of Bruegel as well as those of Andy Warhol. You can also follow in the footsteps of Freud or Hundertwasser, to name just two inspiring Viennese. Art of living? The art of the Viennese cafés of course! And the joy of hiking in the forest, discovering the vineyards, strolling on the Danube island, without forgetting to go out and feast

Pictures and images Vienna

Trésor impérial de Vienne dans le palais de la Hofburg. Stéphan SZEREMETA
Bal à Hofburg. Author's Image
Eglise Saint-Charles-Borromée de Vienne. mRGB
Château de Schönbrunn. Stas PEROV - Fotolia

The 12 keywords Vienna

1. #Bees

Empress Maria Theresa founded the world's first school of beekeeping in Vienna in 1769 and it was a Viennese, Karl von Frisch (1886-1982), who deciphered the dance of the bees. Orchestrated by 700 apiculteurs, bees buzz and dance in Vienna in their millions, from public gardens to the rooftops of the Opera House or the Museum of Fine Arts

2. #Bals


More than 400 receptions are held during the ball season in Vienna, from New Year's Eve to Carnival. Every corporation has its own. Men in tails, women in long dresses, tradition resists modernity. After the majestic opening waltz, people dance and drink until dawn, in all dignity, to the music of Strauss and others.

3. #Beisl

It is the typical and friendly Viennese tavern. You can eat there at affordable prices, especially at noon, with a traditional local cuisine, honest, simple, copious and caloric. Old-fashioned decor, star schnitzel, table reserved for regulars. It is certainly not the new light cuisine but it is a Viennese must

4. #Cafes

Stylish service, a long list of coffees, a variety of pastries, from strudel to sachertorte, a selection of newspapers, elegant decor, reserved tables... Viennese coffee is a know-how. By the way, the bistro chair (Thonet) is Viennese. Since 2011, the Viennese café culture has been listed as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO

5. #Danube


Inseparable from the charm of Vienna, it waters the city centre with its canals and forms a much appreciated island. On the menu: swimming, sailing, strolling, running, pedalling, horse riding... Wild (nature reserve) or civilized (beaches, guinguettes), artistic (frescoes and graffiti), the Danube welcomes on its island a gigantic open-air music festival.

6. #Ecology

In the middle of forests and vineyards, with large parks and wild banks, this green city managed by a municipality committed to the environment is rich in biodiversity and green initiatives: cycle paths and pedestrian walkways, green walls and electric buses, organic and sustainable fashion markets, new green neighbourhoods...

7. #LGBT


Emperors, warlords, princesses and gay composers led the way. Today, a thriving LGBT scene makes Vienna a particularly tolerant and popular destination. Guided tour with a drag queen, LGBT Vienna balls, cafes, restaurants, events, shopping, gay friendly hotels..., even a wedding

8. #Vineyard

A vineyard in town? Vienna is unique in that! 700 hectares of vineyards mark its landscape and its gastronomy. The wines are 80% white and Gemischter Satz is a local speciality. Tasting in the Heuriger (inns) of the estates, around typical dishes. Since 2019, this tradition has been included in the UNESCO intangible heritage.

9. #Music


The statues in the parks, the names of the streets, the wealth of the musical programme and its university bear witness to this, Vienna maintains a special relationship with the music of which it claims to be the world capital. That of Mozart, Strauss or Beethoven, operas and waltzes, but also modern music: jazz, pop or electro

10. #Fine Arts

This is one of the attractions of Vienna. The richness of the collections of its art museums attracts art lovers from all over the world. The Museum of Fine Arts alone justifies a trip to Vienna. It contains the world's finest collection of Bruegels, as well as works by Titian, Tintoretto, Caravaggio, Veronese, Dürer, Rubens, Van Dyck, etc

11. #Secession

This dazzling and flourishing artistic movement developed in Vienna between 1889 and 1906 around painters, including Gustav Klimt, and architects such as Joseph Hoffmann and Otto Wagner, in the European Art Nouveau movement. A wealth of Viennese art to discover in painting, architecture, tableware, furniture..

12. #Wiener Schnitzel

Always XXL, the "Viennese schnitzel", cousin of the Milanese, is served with a potato and pink onion salad. The real schnitzel is made of veal, not pork. It is said that in 1848 Field Marshal Radetzky, on his return from Italy, entrusted the court cook with this exotic recipe which was to become emblematic of Austrian cuisine.

You are from here, if...

You like the Danube in all seasons, for jogging, picnicking, swimming, paddling...

You take your bike instead of public transport

You go out in the evening on sunny days to have a glass of wine on the terrace with friends or family.

You have dinner at the restaurant from 6pm

You like to eat, or even cook, a schnitzel

You passionately defend your favorite ice cream parlors, sausage stands, beisl and heurigen.

You go to balls and the opera, dressed up, several times a year

You are a model pedestrian who stays on the dedicated lanes, crosses in the right lane and never runs a red light even without a car in sight.

You know how to order a coffee from the long list of Viennese cafés.

You appreciate classical music, fine arts and the cultural avant-garde

You make appointments with family and friends for brunch on a Viennese rooftop .

You love Vienna more than any other city in the world.

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