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10 destinations to go with your children in France

This is a question that families are regularly asked: where to go on holiday in order to please everyone? Indeed, it is necessary that the proposed activities correspond to everyone's desires, but also that they are adapted to all ages. Let's be reassured right away, in France, a multitude of regions are excellent places for parents to go with their children. From the rocky coasts of Brittany, through the hilly landscapes of central and southern France and the green areas of the Dordogne, there is something for everyone and family getaways are always synonymous with memorable moments. Here are 10 destinations to go with your children in France

1- The Ardèche, charming villages and hilly landscapes

With its wild natural sites and its historic villages, the Ardèche is an area that is ideal for a very pleasant holiday with children. Especially for those who love outdoor activities. The natural park of the Monts d'Ardèche can be explored by bike and the Ardèche gorges are an opportunity to go on beautiful canoe trips. On sunny days, there are also plenty of places to picnic and swim. On the beaches along the Pont d'Arc, but also on those in the Ardèche villages, such as Vogüé and Balazuc. Not forgetting the Chauvet caves and the very ancient cave paintings that amaze young and old.

2- The Camargue, a wild land

The Camargue is another territory in the south of France that is perfect for family holidays. Here too, you can make the most of the outdoors to discover the fauna and flora. You can go for a nice bike ride in the Camargue regional nature park to observe the landscapes and the animals that live there. The Camargue is, of course, the place to observe birds with your children. Equipped with binoculars, you can try to spot the flagship species, including the splendid pink flamingo. The area is also ideal for horseback riding and to see the bulls, head for the unmissable manades. And don't forget the beautiful historic towns such asAigues-Mortes, where you can stroll while eating an ice cream, and the Mediterranean beaches for swimming, such as the one at Grau du Roi.

3- Auvergne, dreaming in the middle of volcanoes

For families who want to go green with the kids, it is advisable to join the Auvergne! You can go to the Vulcania park to learn more about volcanoes and their history, but also join the <a href="etbspf_id:221414" target="_blank" title="PARC ANIMALIER D'AUVERGNE">parc animalier d'Auvergne to go and see many rare and threatened species. The Auvergne is also a multitude of possible hikes or bike rides, on the side of a volcano or in a wood. A nature that is conducive to many outdoor activities with the family. And to make your stay even more wonderful, you can, for example, book an unusual and eco-responsible accommodation, an ideal option to disconnect from everyday life

4- Hauts-de-France, between the beaches of the North and fun activities

We are now heading to the North of France to enjoy its many treasures with the family. The Hauts-de-France is a perfect territory for having a good time in amusement parks, such as Bagatelle and Dennlys Parc. And then there are the seasides and the great expanses of sand. The beaches offer the opportunity to enjoy the sun and to set up good play sessions with the children. Not forgetting the cultural places where you can learn more about the D-Day landings and the Baie de Somme, which will gently dazzle the children when they see the seals.

5- Brittany, a multitude of enchanting sites

For family holidays, we can say that Brittany is a safe bet. Saint-Malo or <a href="lieug_id:19585" target="_blank" title="Dinan / Côtes-d'Armor / Bretagne / France">Dinan</a> are towns steeped in history that lend themselves to beautiful walks punctuated by gourmet moments over a crêpe and other regional specialties. You can also go to the forest of Broceliande to discover its legends, and go back in time in front of the incredible menhirs of Carnac. The coastline is ideal for a quiet moment on the beach, whether you go to the Pink Granite Coast or the islands of the Gulf of Morbihan. Moreover, it is quite possible to plan a touring holiday in Brittany, and to sail from island to island with the children, from the island of Bréhat to Belle-Île-en-Mer and the island ofOuessant

6- The Provencal coastline and its creeks

On hot summer days, a family holiday on the Provencal coastline is perfect for decompressing, and especially around <a href="lieug_id:23601" target="_blank" title="Marseille / Bouches-du-Rhône / Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur / France">Marseille</a> and <a href="lieug_id:23585" target="_blank" title="Cassis / Bouches-du-Rhône / Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur / France"> Cassis. The Prado beaches in the city of Marseille are ideal to play with your children. Cassis offers a more intimate setting. If the Provençal coast is recommended to spend pleasant holidays with children, it is because here, the Mediterranean Sea displays its most beautiful colours, especially in its unavoidable creeks. One can then make beautiful hikes leading to these small corners of paradise. The hike leading to the calanque of Sugiton is suitable for children. And in any case, you can also choose to rent a boat for the pleasure of reaching the creeks by sea, with ease.

7- The Jura, the gentle mountains of the East

The Jura is a wonderful nature destination. A place in France where you can enjoy a little peace and quiet when you go on holiday. A multitude of activities are possible with the family, such as walking to the sublime Hérisson waterfalls. There are also several exceptional lakes, and how can we not mention the green Voulant lake, the third largest artificial lake in France. Swimming, canoeing, pedal boats, stand-up paddle, the water activities are varied and all around, you can also indulge in caving, canyoning and mountain biking. The Jura also has a large number of cycle routes and greenways for families of cyclists. The underground treasures of the Jura should not be missed, and in this respect the cave of Baume-les-Messieurs is fascinating with its stalagmites, stalactites and mineral draperies

8- Queyras, a paradise for toddlers

Territory of the <a href="lieug_id:7780" target="_blank" title="Hautes-Alpes / Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur / France">Hautes-Alpes</a>, the Queyras offers a variety of experiences for young and old adventurers. And it's fair to say that here too, nature lovers have plenty to keep them busy. For example, you can raft down a river, climb rock faces with professionals and test your resistance to vertigo, or ride mountain bikes to enjoy breathtaking mountain views. The Queyras also has many village resorts where you can set down your bags and be at the gateway to the summits. And if the children enjoy the company of animals, then a walk accompanied by a donkey or a cani-randonnée combine the pleasure of walking and a complicit moment with the animals. </p&gt

9- The Vendée, between land and sea

A trip to the Vendée with your children is full of surprises. First of all, you will enjoy a beautiful coastline which has preserved its wild aspect in key places such as the islands of Noirmoutier and Yeu. Beach time is of course a must during a family holiday in the Vendée. To put stars in the eyes of children, but also in those of adults, you can also treat yourself to an evening at the Puy du Fou, whose shows are recognised throughout the world and have won multiple awards. The Vendée is also home to beautiful bocages in which to stroll, and for an experience that is sure to appeal to children: go to Commequiers for a bike-rail ride. Finally, let's also mention the northern part of the Marais Poitevin and the peaceful boat trips in the heart of the Green Venice

10- The Dordogne, a playground for children

We all know the beauty of the Dordogne, its nature, its heritage and its gastronomy, but you should know that it is also a dream place for a peaceful holiday in the countryside with children. The number of possible experiences in the middle of nature, near monuments or in contact with animals is countless. For example, you can start by taking a ride on an electric scooter around the beautiful castles of Monbazillac and Bridoire, and on another day visit a honey factory or an educational farm to be in contact with goats and other horses. To observe the beauty of the villages and the nature that surrounds them, a canoe trip down the Dordogne between Vitrac and Beynac always leaves incredible images in your mind. A boat trip in the Padirac chasm, a visit to the reconstitution of the Lascaux caves, are other moments that promise a holiday that will leave a lasting impression

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