With 190 km of coastline from the Bay of the Somme to the Opal Coast, from the English Channel to the North Sea, sumptuous landscapes of cliffs and moors, Belle Époque villas and beaches with vintage cabins, lighthouses and dunes, the Hauts-de-France is a destination that is not lacking in charm. This region inspires painters and writers, and is home to a remarkable natural heritage and four regional parks with bocage biotopes, marshes, forests, coasts and other areas of great biodiversity. The region is also distinguished by its history - it keeps the traces of the two world wars (see the Ladies' Way) - and the richness of its heritage with many museums including those of Lille metropole, the cathedral of Beauvais and that of Amiens, the castle of Pierrefonds, the half-timbered houses of Compiègne or the belfry of the town hall of Douai. The region also retains the memory of its textile industry and the mining era. The Hauts-de-France is also France's leading agricultural region, producing milk, potatoes, endives, endives, beet sugar... In addition, there is a whole local gastronomy of a region that produces 10% of French champagne (around Château-Thierry) and hosts many breweries offering high-quality beers and producing excellent AOC, including maroilles cheese. During your getaway, you will not be able to resist the local specialities, picard string, andouillette or Flemish carbonnade, without forgetting the waffles (Belgium is adjoining!). Your tourist guide in the Hauts-de-France will help you to enjoy it.

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When to go to the Hauts-de-France? As the region is located in the North, if you want warmth and sunshine, you should prefer a stay in summer, the only time when you are (almost) assured of the fugacity of the clouds. You will share the tourist sites, in summer, with the Belgians and, all year round, with the British who came as neighbours. The Opal Coast and the Arras region with its citadel are the most popular touristiques ; if you want peace and quiet, plan your stays outside school holidays. The Chemin des Dames is also a major tourist attraction, as are the cathedrals of Amiens and Beauvais. Many cultural events are held throughout the year in the Hauts-de-France, around cinema, but also comics and music. The big celebration not to be missed is the Dunkirk carnival, three days of madness around Mardi Gras.

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When to travel?

When to go to the Hauts-de-France? As the region is located in the North, if you want warmth and sunshine, you should...
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The Hauts-de-France are subject to an oceanic climate that is affected by altitude, the orientation of the slopes, th...
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