The origins of Dunkirk seem to go back to the 7th century. At this time of strong evangelization, the town was equipped with its first church. It is from this church(kerque in Flemish), nestled in the dunes(duyn in Flemish) that the name of the city was born: Dunkirk. It became a city in 1170 when the Count of Flanders granted it a municipal charter.
Dunkirk is the third largest port in France and its industries are prosperous. Its belfry stands alongside the seaside villas of the Belle Époque, contemporary art centres stand alongside places of remembrance, the citadel district stands alongside the modernity of the Grand Large district. Beyond its history, Dunkirk is a city rich in restaurants and museums: the port museum, the Fine Arts museum, the LAAC (place of art and contemporary action)... As for the surroundings, they are rich in history, culture and beautiful walks, especially along the dunes. Don't hesitate to ask the tourist office for information on the walking and cycling routes around Dunkirk and its surrounding area.

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