This department is essentially made up of limestone plains. In the west, the chalk cliffs on the Bray country contrast with the famous Compiègne and Chantilly forests in the east. The northern part of the Oise gives birth to the famous Picardy plains which stretch on both sides of the region between the Somme and the Aisne. Green, the dominant colour, is then declined in all its splendour. The richness of the Oise remains the agriculture where fields of livestock and cereals are mixed. This destination is a department of tradition hippique  : it is known for its long breeding tradition and is home to two prestigious sites: the Compiègne stud farm and the Musée vivant du Cheval in Chantilly. In the middle of these beautiful expanses as green as the Scottish lands, there are two major tourist attractions for the department: Parc Saint-Paul and the Mer de Sable. 70 kilometres from Paris, you will spend a crazy afternoon with family, couples or friends in this park with its 39 attractions. La Mer de Sable is the oldest theme park in France, in the middle of the Ermenonville forest. With its 30 attractions, its 3 unique worlds (The Ports of the Desert, the Jungle and the Conquest of the West) and its 200 animals, it continues to dazzle and make all visitors dream!

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When to leave? From late March to early November you can have fun at Parc Saint-Paul and from mid-April to early November at the Mer de Sable. Equipped with rain gear you can walk through the forests of Compiègne and Chantilly. All year round, with a preference for the summer season, you can visit one of the jewels of French heritage: the Château de Chantilly, its large stables, its superb park and its Musée du Cheval. Just like the Palais de Compiègne, the prestigious stud farm of Compiègne and its museums

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When to travel?

When to leave? From late March to early November you can have fun at Parc Saint-Paul and from mid-April to early Nove...
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The climate of the department is of a temperate oceanic degraded nature: mild all year round, but rainy. Temperatures...
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