The narrow streets of the Saint-Leu district with their shops and cafés, the canals with their floating markets, the famous hortillonnages, are so many attractions of this city bathed by the Somme on whose banks it is good to walk. Amiens is a destination with a great wealth of heritage whose emblem is the cathédrale gothique Notre-Damenearby belfry. You will not miss the visit of the Picardy Museum, a museum of art and antiquities, nor that of the House of Jules Verne, where the famous author lived, which can be visited from the winter garden to the attic, nor that of the zoo d'Amiens,rich fauna native to the 5 continents. But the must-see places in Amiens are much more numerous! One should also mention the Botanical Garden and the Hortillonnages Museum, not forgetting the Parc Saint-Pierre. Amiens is also a city of living art around the circus, street arts and contemporary art, a river city that sees boats stopping over, a gourmet city where you discover the flavours of Picardy string, rolled pancakes filled with ham and mushrooms, covered with cream and cheese, and real traditional macaroons, tender to the point. And don't forget that Saturday is the market of hortillonnages along the Quai Parmentier with market gardening, foie gras and salicorne. Your favourite travel guide will help you make the right choice.

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When to go to Amiens?

When to go to Amiens? All year round, of course! The city is lively all year round and its jewels are visible every day. The high tourist season remains the summer when you will find it difficult to visit the emblematic places without the crowd and where you will have to book your accommodation well in advance of your stay. Prices tend to rise in the summer. You have cultural events and fairs (antique dealers' fair, gourmet fair, etc.) spread over all seasons. The Amiens Christmas market is famous. Running enthusiasts will do the Jules Verne in early June. In June also the festival of public space arts and the famous Marché sur l'eau, not to mention the chroma, sound & light show at the cathedral throughout the summer.

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When to travel?

When to go to Amiens? All year round, of course! The city is lively all year round and its jewels are visible every d...
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The climate of Amiens is characteristic of the north of the country. It is an oceanic climate with relatively mild wi...
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Les plus grand marché de Noël du Nord de la France revient à Amiens

After a virtual Christmas market in 2020, Amiens is getting ready to welcome back the 140 chalets that make up the largest Christmas market in Northern France. Visitors will be able to stroll along 2 km and take advantage of the many craft products on display. Illuminations will give Amiens this magical side so appreciated by all. In parallel, many animations will be proposed with the house of Santa Claus, the puppet theatre, the trapper's ...

​​​​​Amiens, nature, bien-être et évasion

Amiens is discovering a city on a human scale, surrounded by nature, where it is good to walk, recharge your batteries and get away from it all. Recharge your batteries on the towpath in the heart of the hortillonnages Amiens proves to be a wonderful natural stopover, where it is good to walk along the Somme, on the towpath, a totally developed bank on 160 kilometres along the river. Starting from the Saint-Pierre park, the path winds its ...

Pour les amateurs d'art et d'archéologie, le musée de Picardie a réouvert !

The Museum of Picardy is the first palace to have been built in France to house Fine Arts. Closed for a long period for works, then again because of the coronavirus pandemic, this exceptional cultural place in Amiens is now open to the public. The museum houses rich collections of paintings, sculptures, objets d'art and archaeology that allow visitors to travel through the ages. Since its opening, it has been considered one of the most ...

Calais et Amiens, succès colossaux

Impressive dimensions, majestic enchantment and record-breaking crowds, this is what links Amiens Cathedral, which is celebrating its 800th anniversary, and the brand new Dragon de Calais. Two spearheads to discover or rediscover in the Hauts-de-France this year! Popularity worthy of the beast! The 15-metre high and 25-metre long monster came out of the dark bowels of the earth last November. The beast, almost tamed, welcomes several times ...