Polynesian pirogue in the bay of the Somme, kite flying on the long beaches of Fort-Mahon, rafting in Picquigny or discover the impressive silhouette of the river cathédrale d'Amiens when you arrive by boat... these are some of the pleasures that the Somme can offer you. Hiking in all its forms is also an excellent way to discover the variety of landscapes in the department. The bay of the Somme is one of the most beautiful hiking sites in France. Cyclists can enjoy specially dedicated paths and discover the coastal landscapes during long recreational or more sportive hikes. In the rest of the department, enjoy the Crécy forest or the tow along the Somme. This destination is a must for nature lovers! In the heart of the Somme Bay nature reserve, Parc du Marquenterre is a mecca for bird migration across the continents from Europe to Africa. Arm yourself with good binoculars and enjoy this natural and soothing sight

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When to go to the Somme? If you need to reconnect with nature, decompress, blow or enjoy your family, you can go to t...
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The climate of the Somme benefits from two influences that differ quite clearly in terms of the distribution of clima...
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Week-ends en mai, où partir en France ?

A few long weekends are coming up with the arrival of the month of May. What if this was the time to go with family or friends to a place in France that you like or that you want to discover? With its vineyards, its varied landscapes, sea, mountain and its remarkable heritage, the Hexagon offers a multitude of possibilities and reveals destinations that correspond to all profiles. From North to South and from East to West, here are 10 ...

​​​​​Amiens, nature, bien-être et évasion

Amiens is discovering a city on a human scale, surrounded by nature, where it is good to walk, recharge your batteries and get away from it all. Recharge your batteries on the towpath in the heart of the hortillonnages Amiens proves to be a wonderful natural stopover, where it is good to walk along the Somme, on the towpath, a totally developed bank on 160 kilometres along the river. Starting from the Saint-Pierre park, the path winds its ...

La Somme, découverte du patrimoine et rencontre avec les phoques de la baie

The Somme includes three emblematic and world-famous sites: the cathedral of Amiens, the bay of the Somme (and its famous seals) and the battlefields of the First World War. These three examples perfectly illustrate the range of emotions you will experience in the department. A great idea for a weekend getaway. Or more if you like it. Amiens, a cultural city How not to be in admiration in front of a cathedral reputed to be the most ...

Pour les amateurs d'art et d'archéologie, le musée de Picardie a réouvert !

The Museum of Picardy is the first palace to have been built in France to house Fine Arts. Closed for a long period for works, then again because of the coronavirus pandemic, this exceptional cultural place in Amiens is now open to the public. The museum houses rich collections of paintings, sculptures, objets d'art and archaeology that allow visitors to travel through the ages. Since its opening, it has been considered one of the most ...

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