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Vivez en double la Costa Brava et les Pyrénées de Gérone, une destination qui offre tout

When it comes to travel, we are often asked about our preferences. Do we prefer the sea or the mountains? Skiing or swimming? The atmosphere of small villages or that of big cities? Do we prefer sports or gastronomy? What if a destination offered us the possibility to combine all these experiences? A place where you could go from a hike in the mountains to a swim on crystal clear beaches. A region where you could stroll through museums and ...

Les Pyrénées de Catalogne : un territoire de choix pour la randonnée en montagne

Located in the north-eastern part of Spain, between the French border and the Mediterranean coast, the Pyrenees of Catalonia and its peaks reaching 3,000 m in altitude await mountain enthusiasts. The territory is made up of a multitude of breathtaking landscapes that delight those who like to walk in direct contact with unspoilt nature. There are natural parks, the only national park in Catalonia, but also villages with stone houses where ...

La Roca Village : un arrêt shopping à ne pas manquer lors d'un séjour en Catalogne

La Roca Village, located 40 minutes from Barcelona and on the road to the extraordinary Costa Brava, is more than just a shopping destination: it's a place for all pleasures. In a unique, bright environment dominated by the blue skies of the Mediterranean, visitors discover a multitude of the most prestigious brands. Here, hospitality, culture, gastronomy and creativity are honoured at every moment. And it's to music that adults and children ...

Escapade en famille dans les Pyrénées de Catalogne : le plaisir des grands espaces

In the north-east of Spain, the Pyrenees of Catalonia await families who love nature and the mountains. The high peaks, green valleys and rivers that have contributed to the formation of these exceptional landscapes are a playground for all those who wish to enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities. In the heart of these idyllic landscapes, people have also built architectural treasures throughout history, which are sure to be visited on a ...