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Barcelone, soleil, visites et terrasses

Barcelona, the bustling capital of Catalonia, has for years been a favourite destination that combines sun, music and gastronomy. If the Catalan city enjoys countless architectural treasures, it is above all because of its sunshine and festive atmosphere that it has become a major meeting place for European tourism. With terraces and restaurants still open (until the 10pm curfew), museums that open (up to 50% of their capacity), Barcelona ...

Séjour sous le signe du tourisme durable dans les Pyrénées et les Terres de Lleida

The Pyrenees and the Terres de Lleida, located in the north-east of Spain in the region of Catalonia, have all the arguments to seduce travellers eager for wide open spaces and nature. National parks, parks and natural areas, the pre-Pyrenean and Pyrenean landscapes reveal sublime panoramas made up of mountains, meadows, wetlands, rivers and remarkable flora and fauna. The Terres de Lleida is also committed to leading visitors towards ...

Les plus belles invitations au voyage du cinéma

Discovering Cambodia, Thailand or Tunisia from your sofa is indeed possible! Some films are, indeed, real adventures and take you to distant and unknown lands. If you feel like packing your suitcases, don't hesitate to (re)watch these classics and wait!Pedro Almodóvar's SpainAlmodóvar is the Spanish new wave. His very eclectic filmography, between farce and tragedy, offers a vision of popular Spain with no grey areas. Much more than a ...

Viladecans The Style Outlets à Barcelone, votre destination shopping en plein air

In the current context, tourism, shopping and leisure activities find a unique destination in Viladecans The Style Outlets. The shopping centre of the Barcelona metropolitan area, with excellent communications with the city and Barcelona El Prat airport, is the ideal place for shopping in an open space, with strict health and safety measures. It's a fantastic plan for your next getaway and autumn holidays or any time of the year.Its wide ...

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