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Votre réservation de restaurant à Barcelone


Où se procurer un restaurant sur Barcelone (Espagne) qui fasse l'unanimité auprès des gastronomes ? En revanche, la qualité peut varier d'un établissement à l'autre : certains peuvent manquer d'authenticité. Pour ne pas se faire surprendre défavorablement, prenez le temps de vous informer à propos des établissements de Barcelone. Laissez-vous guider : les établissements les plus populaires sont disponibles sur notre plateforme, à parcourir dès que nécessaire pour vos sorties à Barcelone. Pour savourer un bon petit plat, et en profiter réellement, faites le tour sans attendre de notre listing d'établissements, parfaite pour en savoir davantage à propos de la gastronomie de Barcelone. Pour réserver, gagnez du temps : cliquez sur le bouton dédié, qui est présent pour une majorité de restaurants, et le tour est joué. Via notre plateforme, nous compilons les avis des internautes, et vous aurez bien sûr la possibilité des parcourir pour connaître leur opinion sur ces différents lieux. Vous profiterez des renseignements de base pour votre restaurant : site internet, adresse ou réseaux sociaux sont accessibles à tout instant. Si vous avez l'occasion de parcourir Barcelone (Province De Barcelone Catalogne) vous y découvrirez un grand nombre de points d'intérêt expliquant pourquoi on trouve de nombreux établissements. Tarifs approximatifs, plats proposés, type de cuisine, vous saurez tout le nécessaire pour passer un bon moment. À Barcelone, un choix important s'offrira à vous, avec la présence de 2 restaurants italiens et pizzerias, 339 restaurants et 1 crêperies, aptes à vous régaler. Qu'avez-vous pensé de ce restaurant ? Nous serions heureux que vous contribuiez vous aussi à améliorer Le Petit Futé en donnant une note pour guider les autres internautes. Trouve-t-on dans cet établissement une terrasse ou un décor spécifique ? Sachez que l'ambiance est un point qui sera passé en revue par notre portail.

Restaurants Barcelona : 324 Results

Practical information : Eating out Barcelona


In general, Catalans usually have lunch around 2pm on weekdays, and dinner in the evening from 9pm. On Sundays, they opt for the 3:30 pm service to share a paella . and not before! Obviously, Barcelona being a very international city, the restaurants offer quite ample timetables. During the week you can have lunch from 1pm, and at weekends you can opt for the 1.30pm service in fish restaurants. In the evening, the service starts around 8.30pm. Be careful, many restaurants close on Sunday evening, remember to check the timetables! Be also provident in August: most (non tourist) restaurants take holidays during this period. This is also the case during the first days of January. Finally, for the most fashionable tables, remember to book at least 24 hours in advance!

Budget & TipsBudget & Tips

Restaurants are a little cheaper than in France, but not much less! The difference is mainly in the drinks: while in France the budget for a bottle of wine is easily around 30 €, in Barcelona you'll pay less than 15 €. In any case, it costs around €25 per person for tapas to share in trendy taverns, €40 for a fish restaurant and over €70 for a gourmet table.

At lunchtime, many restaurants serve a menu del dia at around 15 €, an economical formula that usually includes a starter, main course, dessert and a drink. This is an excellent option for discovering the city's good restaurants at lower prices

As far as means of payment are concerned, you can pay by credit card in most of the city's restaurants. However, it is not impossible that you may be asked to pay cash in some of the city's bouis-bouis or old bodegas, so it is safer to carry some cash with you

What costs extraWhat costs extra

In general, taxes are included in the prices advertised on the map. If this is not the case, it will be indicated +IVA. In Barcelona, you should not be confronted with this situation; on the other hand, in the villages of the province of Barcelona, many restaurants still charge VAT separately. It corresponds to 10% of the bill

Regarding tips, it is customary to leave 5-10% of the bill if you enjoyed the service. But this is not obligatory. Finally, note that water is never included in Spanish restaurants! No need to try to explain that you just want a carafe of water, it is not done! You will have to order a bottle of still water(agua sin gas) or sparkling water(agua con gas), fresh (fría) or at room temperature(natural), which will be charged at the end of the meal.

The local wayThe local way

Whether you're enjoying tapas, platters (small dishes) or even a dish of the day, in Barcelona it's customary to share your plate! Of course, the typical patatas bravas, croquetas and fried squid are placed directly in the centre of the table by the waiter. But even in trendy bistros and gastronomic taverns, it is quite normal to order 3-4 different small dishes to share.

To be avoidedTo be avoided

At the risk of sounding like a first-class tourist, forget your cutlery and enjoy pinchos (tapas on bread), pescaditos (small fried fish), croquetas, and other countertop tapas. They are simply eaten with your fingers! Also avoid sangria, the drink for tourists par excellence. Prefer vermouth, local beer, and of course Catalan wines.


In Spain, children are welcome in all restaurants. By the way, on weekends, most of the seafood restaurants along the coast are full of niños! Even in gourmet restaurants, you are rarely denied access with children: it's up to you to see whether your cherubs can hold on or not!


In January 2011, the Spanish complied with the ban on smoking in public places. After a transition period during which smoking was allowed in certain establishments, based on certain criteria, it is now simply forbidden to smoke in all bars and restaurants in the country. This ban should soon be extended to café and restaurant terraces.

Tourist trapsTourist traps

Most of the restaurants located on the Ramblas and Passeig de Joan de Borbó are authentic tourist attractions. It's easy to spot them: the map, displayed in ten languages outside the restaurant, is illustrated with photos of paella, sangria and tapas from the 1990s. As a bonus, a very nice restaurant owner will praise the merits of his restaurant. If that's the case: run away!

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