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Les meilleures destinations où louer une villa en Espagne

Renting a villa allows you to enjoy the idyllic setting of a charming house for your vacations. During your stay, you will have a spacious and elegant place, often equipped with a terrace, a garden and a swimming pool, where you can spend a maximum of time with your family and friends. Spain is a neighboring country to France and is a destination where the sun shines generously from spring to early fall. Looking for a city in Spain for your ...

Les comarques de Gérone, 26 musées à découvrir à deux pas de la France

Between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea, the comarques of Girona are a vast Catalan region with a rich history and a flourishing heritage. The Network of Museums of the Comarques of Girona includes 26 eclectic museums that bear witness to the cultural and historical wealth of this region. This large number of museums makes it a destination that will delight the curious traveler. Understanding the history of the Girona region From ...

Le Ripollès, nature et culture toute l'année dans les Pyrénées catalanes

The Ripollès is the Pyrenean sector of the province of Girona. We are in the north of Catalonia, inland, where the mountains await those who love nature and breathtaking views. Winter and summer alike, there are many sporting activities to be enjoyed in the heart of breathtaking landscapes. But it is also a land where local traditions are perpetuated, to be discovered in museums and interpretation centers. Finally, you can stop in the ...

Noël à Figueres, entre traditions, atmosphère dalinienne et shopping

What if in 2021, the end of the year celebrations were an opportunity to see the country? Without having to go very far, and from France, all you have to do is cross the Pyrenees to go to the north of Catalonia and experience a unique moment in the city of Figueres. Birthplace of the great Salvador Dalí, the town immediately evokes the museum dedicated to the artist. With its incredible architecture and the richness of its collection, the ...