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10 paysages incroyables qui ne semblent pas provenir de notre planète

The land offers landscapes of breathtaking beauty. And some of them look like they're straight out of a science fiction movie. Soils, rocks, mountains, volcanoes, sometimes associated with the ocean, can form unexpected and unsuspected panoramas. These landscapes take place in the four corners of the globe, in Asia, Africa, Australia or South America, and arouse the curiosity of many travellers. Le Petit Futé has selected 10 natural ...

Top 10 des endroits dans le monde où nager avec des requins-baleines

Swimming in the company of the largest marine species is one of those life-changing experiences. The whale shark is the largest fish currently living on Earth, with a size that varies from 4 to 14 metres and can even exceptionally reach 20 metres! It is easily recognizable with its checkered livery. The advantage of this fish, which moves quite slowly in the water, is that it is completely harmless to humans. It also likes to swim in warm ...

Les incontournables du nord de l'Australie

An island-continent, Australia evokes adventure, road trips and wide open spaces. From the vast Outback to the Great Barrier Reef, it is full of natural sites to discover, so you will have to prepare your itinerary before leaving for Australia! For a first trip, focusing your visits on the north of the country is a very good idea. It is divided into three main regions: Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland, forming a true ...