Sare is a French enclave that is sinking into Spanish Navarre. Thus was naturally born the Land of Xareta, an area of a few square kilometres between Sare, Urdax and Zugarramurdi in Spain. A cross-border municipality, therefore, it lived through difficult hours and owes its nickname Garrazko-Larra, which means night work, to the important smuggling in the area which was, at the same time, a sport, a tradition and a necessity, as we hear here. With Europe, the activity ceased. In a completely different register, Sare is one of the most beautiful villages in France, with the first prize for flowery villages, an Oceanic village, only 8 km from the Atlantic, set in a nest of greenery at the foot of the Rhune and Axuria rivers, which has not stolen its Station verte label.

The village of Labourdin follows the movements of the pre-mountain, so at the highest point are the church and the old quarters huddled near it. The village goes down towards the Nivelle river fed by a hundred and one streams in a pastoral symphony. Not to be missed under any circumstances, the Rhune to be discovered with the little train to reach its summit at 905 m.

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