Situated in the Pays de Saint-Jean-de-Luz, between the Basque provinces of Navarre and Labourd, this typical bastide village, about 20 kilometres from the ocean, but also 3 kilometres from the Spanish border, the ventas de Dancharia and on the road to Pamplona (50 kilometres) can boast the label of the Most Beautiful Villages in France, designed by many painters: Ramiro Arrué, the watercolourist Dominique Bruyant... The madness of the Spanish ventas currently makes it essentially a place of passage with a permanent flow to these shopping centres. Lovers of authenticity, even if you feel like going for a walk, on the Spanish side, take the time to stop in Ainhoa, to discover some beautiful tables and to stroll among the craftsmen, in the bastide - street. Quite unique, rectilinear and lined with urban Labourdine houses, rebuilt in the 17th and 18th centuries, following the fires caused by the Spanish invaders, they have roofs with two equal slopes, half-timbered, corbelled facades, without balconies, with bright colours behind which hide banana gardens, which have become legendary! (possibility of accompanied visits).

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