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Rouen, capital of Normandy and Seine-Maritime, has kept an exceptional heritage, a real invitation to stroll through its historic centre entirely dedicated to pedestrians, which a tourist guide in Rouen will certainly show you. As you stroll through the busy streets, you will discover its half-timbered houses and architectural treasures that defy the centuries: Gothic wonders such as Notre-Dame Cathedral, Saint-Ouen Abbey, Saint-Maclou Church and the Palace of Justice, Renaissance jewels such as the Gros-Horloge, Saint-Maclou Aître and the Hôtel de Bourgtheroulde. At the bend of the streets, museums and monuments, its famous characters will come to meet you: Richard Lionheart, Joan of Arc, Pierre Corneille or Gustave Flaubert. And if you climb up to the panorama of the coast of Sainte-Catherine, you can admire the city nestled around its river, surrounded by green hills. Walking along the Robec, the mills and the industrial heritage will tell you about the long textile past of this cloth city of which the sheep has remained the symbol. Another particularity of Rouen is its large port, which is one of the most active in Europe and links Le Havre to Paris by following the meanders of the Seine. Festive events, film festivals and major sporting events (hockey, basketball, or rugby are some of the city's showcases) punctuate the life of a city where the art of living is not an empty word.

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When to go to Rouen?

When to go to Rouen? Good question! If we rely on the weather alone, we should avoid the months of November to February. But if you don't mind, Rouen can be visited all year round. It is a favourite destination for lovers of art, history and architecture, but also for lovers of music, live entertainment and sport. Finally, if the year is favourable (2019 will be), do not miss the famous Armada, created in 1989, which brings a flood of concerts and entertainment. The Armada is a large concentration of sailboats that attracts millions of spectators to the quays of Rouen.

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When to travel?

When to go to Rouen? Good question! If we rely on the weather alone, we should avoid the months of November to Februa...
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A few dozen kilometres from the English Channel, the climate in Rouen is oceanic in nature. Temperatures are mild, ra...
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