City of the Sun King and its court, Versailles no longer presents itself as its role in the history of France was so preponderant. The centuries pass by but the splendour remains. The emblematic castle, which attracts visitors from all over the world all year round, lovers of architecture and history, is the most majestic representative, as are its gardens, pampered by renowned landscape architects. And what about the Lambinet museum, the palm game room or the Montansier theatre... If this handful of buildings is enough to motivate a visit to the capital of the Yvelines, the walker will soon realize that Versailles, although cultivating its royal heritage, remains nevertheless turned towards the future and constantly reinvents itself thanks to the dynamism of its inhabitants. The city's vast wooded alleys are home to many charming passages and other small paved courtyards with elegant shops and innovative dining options, bold cocktail bars and bakeries to swoon in. The Versailles tourist guide gives you the keys to its secret gardens, taking you from luxury hotels to small gourmet restaurants, from unmissable places to discreet squares... in the footsteps of Marie-Antoinette.

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When to go to Versailles?

When to go to Versailles? The royal city can be visited all year round. Exhibitions, festivals and concerts are organized from January to December, so there is a good chance that when you go there, an event will most certainly be taking place. In general, as in Paris, the high tourist season corresponds to the months of June to September, at which time we can attend some very beautiful events such as the Grandes Eaux musicales and their night version, but also the Royal Serenade of the Hall of Mirrors. The months of April, May, June and September are certainly the best periods to go to Versailles, the months of July and August with their summer temperatures, attracting many visitors from abroad, make housing prices rise. If winter is rather cold and grey, spring is a recommendable option for those looking to know when to go to Versailles: the gardens are in bloom!

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When to travel?

When to go to Versailles? The royal city can be visited all year round. Exhibitions, festivals and concerts are organ...
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The weather in Versailles depends on its temperate climate. Winters are rather cold and humid, with an average of ab...
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