Louviers was a drapery town as early as the 13th century, built on the banks of the Eure river. At that time, Louviers counted nearly a thousand master drapers! Taken by the English during the Hundred Years' War, the town will be liberated in 1440 by its own inhabitants; they will be rewarded in the form of privileges by Charles VII. The cloth industry was prosperous there, and specialized in the manufacture of fine sheets. The activity took a new impetus thanks to industrialization: the town saw the birth of the first mechanical wool spinning mill and began to produce textiles for the army, flannel underwear and sheets. Today, the town retains beautiful half-timbered houses in rue Terneaux, rue des Grands-Carreaux, rue du Polhomet, despite the damage suffered during the bombings of 1940. As for the good smell of chocolate that regularly floats over the city, we owe it to the Barry Callebaut chocolate factory, located in the town. Unfortunately, this embalming chocolate factory cannot be visited. More than 10% of the world production of cocoa beans are roasted there, before leaving either to artisanal chocolate makers or to world food groups. The city now has about 19,000 inhabitants.

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