On foot, on rollerblades or in a canoe: dare Chartres day and night.

Chartres is obviously the Notre-Dame, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the largest Gothic cathedrals dedicated to the Virgin. Surviving all the bombardments and fires, the marvellous can be contemplated from the flat plains of Beauce, hieratic but maternal on its promontory. The interior is worth the visit and the eternal return of its pilgrims. We will go to Chartres to rinse our souls with the beauty of its stained glass windows, the most complete medieval ensemble in France, and this hard and luminous blue called "de Chartres" which is an enchantment for the sight and for the heart. We will come to reorganize our thoughts by admiring its buttresses, roses and rosettes, but above all for this very special feeling that catches you at its contact, its mysteries, as Charles Péguy described it in his poem river "Notre-Dame de Chartres". Many come for the initiatory journey to be carried out in his labyrinth, on the ground, and I understand them. But Chartres is also halfway between Paris and the Loire castles, discover a magnificent and classified old town of 64 hectares, stretching from the Cathedral (upper town) to the banks of the Eure (lower town). A city that imagines and vibrates in all its districts, its monuments, its charming little bridges, the richness of its museums. It is now, the fairy tale of "Chartres en lumières", a route of 29 sites incredibly revealed by coloured lights and sometimes the magic of sounds, which you can do on foot, by bike, on rollerblades, driven by the imagination of an incredibly innovative, dynamic, creative Tourist Office. Chartres, these are hours of culture, of superb and gourmet idleness, because the city has the imagination of the taste buds. Chartres invites you to enter its beautiful arts and crafts shops, its good restaurants, to take part in festivals and so many cultural initiatives, including the Perfume Festival, which showcases local productions of olfactory treasures. Chartres also offers the possibility of escaping to the gurgling of a water mill... Relax completely in the Eure riverside park, Little Venice, do nothing there or enjoy all these little fun walks, in pedal boats or canoes, children's playgrounds or a very nice animal park that they will love. Chartres also soothes and seduces with its beautiful gardens located at the Cathedral's chevet around the Museum of Fine Arts and which offer a panorama of the historic districts, the banks of the Eure and the outskirts, the medieval garden of the Collège Saint-André and its collection of simple objects such as those used by the famous nun Hildegarde de Bingen in the Middle Ages, and so many other wonders of stone, water and wood to contemplate and caress after visiting this city. A city that is too often forgotten now that the highway to the west no longer systematically takes us to the "lighthouse" of its sublime Notre-Dame. Chartres to know and recognize, necessarily.

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