Halfway between Tours and Orléans, the city straddles the Loire River and occupies most of its right bank. Blois has always benefited in its development from its geographical position: close to the capital, in the centre of France, on the banks of its largest river, on a vital connecting axis. Although its Gallo-Roman origin is not in doubt, it was not until the 9th century and the Carolingians found traces of a fortress indicating the importance of the city. The story really begins to be written with Joan of Arc, who is about to deliver Orleans, and makes it her headquarters before the attack. She became royal with Louis XII and his wife Anne of Brittany. The monarch makes the castle his residence, which Francis I will enlarge and strengthen. It was in the corridors of this castle that one of the most striking and important episodes in the history of France took place: the assassination, on Christmas Eve 1588, of the Duke of Guise and his brother cardinal by the cute men of Henri III, putting an end to the declared ambitions of the de Guise family. The town and its castle will be marked by the embellishments of two renowned architects: Mansart, who brought a wing to the castle in 1635, and Jacques Gabriel, a few decades later, who gave the bridge that today bears his name.

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The show "Ainsi Blois vous est conté" is one of the first Son & Lumière shows to have been created in the courtyard of a French castle. For 25 years, it has been illuminating the superb building located in the Centre-Val-de-Loir region. In 2018, new technologies were used, with immersive special effects and monumental projections, to tell the story of France and its loves, dramas and secrets. A 360°C show that makes the four façades ...

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"Blois Chuchote" is seen in six emblematic places at nightfall. A fun and original way to live this end of year fully on Blois Chambord and enjoy the Christmas lights... In the depths of winter, snuggle three minutes in a bright halo and let yourself be captivated by a soft whispering county... This is the principle of "Blois Chuchote", an activity created by the Blois-Chambord tourist office and supported by the City of Blois for the 2nd ...

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