With Beauce, Eure-et-Loir is a cereal-growing agricultural region, often presented as France's breadbasket. This destination is divided into four countries: the royal valley of the Eure in the north between Dreux and Chartres, the Perche in the west with Nogent-le-Rotrou as its capital, the route du Blé en Beauce in the east and the upper valley of the Loir in the south with Châteaudun. Every year takes place the first weekend of June the Transbeauce, a 50 km hike from Chartres to Orgères-en-Beauce. The Eure-et-Loir has 150 kilometres of equestrian trails. Eure-et-Loire shares with Orne the fatherhood of the most famous French draught breed: the Percheron. The Perch is indeed seated on both departments. In 732, when Charles Martel pushed the Arabs back to Poitiers, the cavalry of the routed army was divided between the various French provinces. Rotrou, Count of Le Perche, inherits several specimens that he crosses with local mares... Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Chartres Cathedral is the main tourist attraction of the department. It is remarkable for its unique set of stained glass windows and for its famous Medieval labyrinth, one of the few that have been preserved in France

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When to go to the Eure-et-Loir? All year round, thanks to its mild climate and rich forests, the Loire Valley, which today forms the geographical unit of the Centre region, has always attracted kings and nobility who built sublime castles there. It was during the Renaissance that the most beautiful wonders came out of the ground, and all the periods of art and architecture left their mark on the various places to visit. On either side of the Loire are landscapes in relief: the hilly Perche, the Petite Beauce and the Grande Beauce, the Gâtinais, the Brenne, the Champagne berrichonne, the Sancerre. All will delight the riders. In short, a destination where you can go and enjoy these jewels all year round!

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When to travel?

When to go to the Eure-et-Loir? All year round, thanks to its mild climate and rich forests, the Loire Valley, which...
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You will find a temperate oceanic climate, winters are cool and humid and summers are mild with variable weather, kno...
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Chartres, escapade culturelle et gourmande à 1h de Paris

Famous for its Notre-Dame cathedral, city of the architect Jehan de Beauce and the famous writer Charles Péguy, Chartres is a subtle blend of history and modernity. Dynamic and lively, it conceals small architectural, cultural and gastronomic treasures Notre-Dame de Chartres, a majestic ambassador Situated on the highest point of the city, at an altitude of 170 m, Chartres Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, can be seen from more ...

Prolongation de l'événement Chartres en Lumière !

Good news for all those who have not yet had the time to go and see the superb heritage of Chartres illuminated, the Chartres en Lumière event has been extended until early 2022! 23 sites will be illuminated from 10.30 pm to 1 am, including the Saint-André collegiate church and the bridges and wash houses on the banks of the Eure, populated by animals and trees from elsewhere. A real journey into a fantastic universe. In addition, on the ...

18ème édition de Chartres en Lumières pour découvrir la ville autrement

Chartres en Lumières is 24 sites of the city illuminated to discover it in an atypical way. Every evening, at nightfall, walkers are plunged into a magical atmosphere, with the lighting up of the key sites such as the Fine Arts Museum, the bridges and wash houses on the banks of the Eure, the theatre, the church and rue Saint-Pierre, the media library and the three portals of the cathedral. The scenographers are on a loop and everyone can ...

Chartres en Lumière : contempler le patrimoine autrement une fois la nuit tombée

Chartres en Lumière is a free event where the city's heritage is illuminated at night. It is as much appreciated by locals as by visitors. Everyone is invited to contemplate the main monuments of Chartres and to experience a journey into a magical world. In addition to discovering or rediscovering in a different way the three portals of the cathedral, the Fine Arts Museum, the church and rue Saint-Pierre, the theatre and the media library, ...

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