Eure is Normandy, a stone's throw from Paris like the sea. A proximity reinforced by a dense network of road and rail infrastructures. The department is thus just one hour from the capital, by road and rail. Combining nature, culture and the pleasure of living, Eure has the discreet charm of these departments which abound in architectural, historical and tourist treasures, to be discovered around villages, at the crossroads of paths or in the heart of cities. The cuisine of the Eure region gives pride of place to Norman products: milk, cheese, cream, and of course apples and their derivatives, cider and calvados. This destination also has a strong breeding tradition, so it is not difficult to find excellent meat, especially beef. Eure is not to be outdone among the Normandy departments for cheese production. In addition to the traditional Camemberts, pont-l'évêque, livarot, there are some cheese specialities here, such as the pavé du Plessis, in Noards in Lieuvin, caugéen, delicious goat's cheese produced near Évreux. A Norman speciality par excellence, cider is widely present in the Eure. There are several categories of ciders: sweet or raw depending on its alcohol content; corked, dry or sparkling depending on its fermentation. The apple is also used to produce calvados, a brandy made from the fermentation of cider, but also pommeau (an aperitif measuring 16 to 18 degrees)

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When to go to the Eure? Normandy's "green lung" is particularly well suited for hiking all year round, with hundreds of kilometres of marked trails, in the forest, along the river, in the fields... Not to mention all the local itineraries to meet the villages of Europe. Six greenways, 140 kilometres in total, criss-cross the department in all directions, rehabilitating abandoned railways, towpaths or forest paths. Well equipped with adapted surfaces, picnic and parking areas, bicycle rental or lending in nearby accommodation, they are all reasons to cycle around the Eure, with family or friends. For lack of beaches, this destination hides some beautiful leisure and outdoor activities, the most famous of which is Poses: a huge artificial lake equipped with playgrounds, water sports, restaurants to enjoy the summer days. 1,000 kilometres of rivers, including 600 in the first category, we are here in a fishing department! Fly fishing, no kill, in ponds, night carp, every fisherman, beginner or experienced, will find here his happiness among the carps, trout and pike that inhabit rivers, ponds and lakes.

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When to travel?

When to go to the Eure? Normandy's "green lung" is particularly well suited for hiking all year round, with hundreds...
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The Eure has a temperate oceanic climate, with low seasonal amplitudes, mild but sometimes very snowy winters, with t...
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Escapade dans les Plus Beaux Villages de France en Normandie

Normandy has six"Most Beautiful Villages in France". All of these villages have been awarded the label for their architectural beauty, their flowers and their little extra soul that makes you want to come back and stroll around. From Lyons-la-Forêt and its atmosphere of yesteryear to Saint-Céneri-le-Gérei and its lush greenery, via Barfleur and its exceptional location facing the sea, Normandy never ceases to seduce lovers of peaceful, ...

Expo autour des jardins impressionnistes et nabis au musée des Impressionnismes

The Musée des Impressionismes in Giverny is offering a new exhibition that seeks to reveal the sensibility of the Impressionist and Nabis painters in relation to the gardens they represent. It is an opportunity to confront the contradictory and complementary visions of these two groups of artists, from Auguste Renoir to Claude Monet and from Édouard Vuillard to Pierre Bonnard. Côté Jardin, de Monet à Bonnard brings together some one ...

Giverny, escale normande au pays de Claude Monet

Giverny is a small village known and recognized thanks to the painter Claude Monet, who lived there from 1883 until his death in 1926. Situated on a hillside and just a stone's throw from the Seine, the Norman village offers beautiful walks in the hills, but also in the main street where hotels, restaurants, beautiful houses, shops, artists' studios, the Musée des Impressionnismes and the Claude Monet Foundation are all mixed together. The ...

Les jardins de Claude Monet à Giverny s'apprêtent à rouvrir leurs portes !

While they were closed to the public because of the health crisis, Claude Monet's gardens in Giverny are about to reopen. The gardens, which take place in the very place where the painter had settled with his family in 1883, consist of the Clos Normand, located just in front of the house. Rich in perspectives, symmetries and colours, the Clos Normand is composed of different flowerbeds where flowers of all heights bloom: daisies, poppies, ...

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