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Expo autour des jardins impressionnistes et nabis au musée des Impressionnismes

The Musée des Impressionismes in Giverny is offering a new exhibition that seeks to reveal the sensibility of the Impressionist and Nabis painters in relation to the gardens they represent. It is an opportunity to confront the contradictory and complementary visions of these two groups of artists, from Auguste Renoir to Claude Monet and from Édouard Vuillard to Pierre Bonnard. Côté Jardin, de Monet à Bonnard brings together some one ...

Giverny, escale normande au pays de Claude Monet

Giverny is a small village known and recognized thanks to the painter Claude Monet, who lived there from 1883 until his death in 1926. Situated on a hillside and just a stone's throw from the Seine, the Norman village offers beautiful walks in the hills, but also in the main street where hotels, restaurants, beautiful houses, shops, artists' studios, the Musée des Impressionnismes and the Claude Monet Foundation are all mixed together. The ...

Les jardins de Claude Monet à Giverny s'apprêtent à rouvrir leurs portes !

While they were closed to the public because of the health crisis, Claude Monet's gardens in Giverny are about to reopen. The gardens, which take place in the very place where the painter had settled with his family in 1883, consist of the Clos Normand, located just in front of the house. Rich in perspectives, symmetries and colours, the Clos Normand is composed of different flowerbeds where flowers of all heights bloom: daisies, poppies, ...

10 destinations pour se rapprocher de la nature quand on vit à Paris

Many people living in Paris want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a weekend or a few days. For this, there is no need to go far away, as the Ile-de-France region has many charming towns where you can enjoy a country atmosphere. Historic villages, flower gardens, thick forests where you can hike for hours, the possibilities are wide to relax and feel a real sense of change. So for those Parisians who dream of escaping ...