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The Seine-Maritime is full of small and intimate places, as well as cities and seaside resorts where you can discover the beauty of Normandy. The cliff of Étretat, where Monet painted his incredible setting sun. You can then visit the other seaside resorts, including Dieppe, Fécamp and Le Tréport. Then go to Le Havre, whose historic centre has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will visit Granville Abbey, the hanging gardens, the Vauban docks and so much more to discover. Finally, go through Rouen, nicknamed by Stendhal "Athens of the Gothic style", and its famous Notre-Dame cathedral, which also inspired Claude Monet, it is an essential destination. A true museum city, Rouen leaves no marble with its beautiful half-timbered houses, cobbled streets and Gothic churches. Rouen was the scene of Joan of Arc's martyrdom, condemned and then burned in 1431, Place du Vieux Marché. Rouen is also known as the "city of 100 steeples". Seine-Maritime has many cultural and gastronomic assets!

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When to go to Seine-Maritime? Well, all year round. It is a favourite destination for art and architecture enthusiasts, but also for all those who wish to admire wild and preserved landscapes. The Seine-Maritime region alone grows 19,000 hectares of flax, around mid-June: admire the countryside adorned with electric blue, before quickly giving way to an astonishing geometric decoration created by the large strips of uprooted stems that will be left to scorch in the open air. From July to September, you can attend many music festivals, shows, theatre... Created in 1989, Armada will anchor again in Rouen in 2019 with its stream of concerts and entertainment. The Armada is a large concentration of sailboats that attracts millions of spectators to the quays of Rouen. There is something for everyone!

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Musée des arts et traditions populaires Mathon-Durand. - Neufchâtel-en-Bray
L'Armada de Rouen a plusieurs fois réuni les plus beaux voiliers du monde - Franck GODARD
Plan d'eau Les Aulnes. - Neufchâtel-en-Bray

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When to go to Seine-Maritime? Well, all year round. It is a favourite destination for art and architecture enthusiast...
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The Seine-Maritime has an oceanic climate. Bordered by the English Channel, temperatures are mild, ranging from an av...
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