Capital of Bordeaux and the southwest, port city on the Gironde estuary, university and cultural city, Bordeaux is a major tourist destination. This prestigious city is distinguished by a UNESCO World Heritage site and architectural highlights including Saint-André Cathedral and the Grand Théâtre. The totem pole of its incredibly architectural Cité du Vin showcases the richness and diversity of the world's wine world through an innovative museography. Discover, on the right bank, the Darwin alternative space occupying a former military barracks with an urban farm, skatepark, organic grocery store, restaurant and decoration in a reclaimed style. Enjoy as a family the playful and romantic Water Mirror with its foggy effects, the Public Garden in the heart of the city that houses France's oldest Jignol and a natural history museum. With about twenty museums and listed monuments, no doubt about the richness of your visit! Among the pleasures of Bordeaux, boarding for a river cruise, strolling along the banks of the Garonne, left bank, alternating shopping (Quays of brands), playgrounds and green spaces, or strolling in the historic district of Saint-Pierre, without forgetting a gourmet meal served with fine wines. Wine lovers will appreciate the itinerary of the wine bars that connect fifteen or so establishments in the city centre, rivalling each other in terms of friendliness and innovation, to share their oenological passion with you. You will need your Bordeaux tour guide to make sure you don't miss anything.

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Bordeaux can be visited all year round. The tourist offer is always rich and the student and commercial life is boiling. However, the hot summer weather will not make it easy for you to walk from monuments to museums. Don't forget that you will have to walk a lot to discover the area classified as a UNESCO heritage site! In the hottest part of summer, even at night temperatures do not drop in the city centre. In summer, when the heat is choking you, go to the docks where a small wind blows from the sea. The ideal is to go to the seaside during the day and book in the morning and evening for your visits to Bordeaux. And if it's too cold, because it's a harsh winter, take shelter in the city centre where you can always warm up in the many shops and cafés. However, even in winter, if the sun shines, it is not uncommon to be able to eat on the terrace.

Autumn is often grey and rainy, so spring is the most pleasant time. But it is in September that Bordeaux has the highest number of tourists. Finally, know that in June Bordeaux celebrates wine and the river, two opportunities to schedule your visit at this time.

Attention: the water mirror is not in service from November to April, it is then in maintenance.

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When to travel?

Bordeaux can be visited all year round. The tourist offer is always rich and the student and commercial life is boili...
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Bordeaux benefits from an Aquitaine oceanic climate and the temperate influences of the Atlantic Ocean. The temperatu...
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Bordeaux, la douceur de vivre d'une cité classée

World-renowned wine capital, city of Montaigne and architectural jewel of the 18th century, Bordeaux is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the first distinguished urban ensemble in such a vast and complex area. Each sector has managed to preserve a character and unity that form the coherence of the whole. Finally, Bordeaux has been working for several years to enhance the value of its river banks and revive its port ...

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