It was here, around 1538, that Pierre de Bourdeille - without "s" - lord of Brantôme was born, a great traveller, libertine and courtesan. It was following a horse accident that he began, not to write, but to dictate to secretaries his memories in a lively and original language, rich in finds. He is undoubtedly one of the most tonic writers of his time. He wrote under the name of Brantôme Les Dames galantes, a gallery of portraits and crisp stories. Bourdeilles offers the visitor a rich heritage with its medieval castle, flanked by a 35-metre high keep with a breathtaking view of the Dronne valley (inaccessible to visitors this year), and its Renaissance dwelling. The Gothic bridge with its forebeaks and speed bumps and the pretty 17th century fortified seigniorial mill built on an islet complete the ensemble. Behind the small church, a garden of contemporary design was created according to medieval rules: crops in squares, medicinal and utility plants, vegetables, fruit, etc. This is a good place to stroll before going down through the village to the bridge over the river that leads to the market square and the public bread oven.

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