A must-see tourist stopover in the heart of the Périgord, Périgueux, with its 29,000 inhabitants, is a pleasant city to visit. The city can be discovered as if you were leafing through a history book. From its Gallo-Roman era, the city which was then called "Vesunna" has preserved several vestiges. For example, the domus des Bouquets (1st century), a Gallo-Roman villa on top of which the architect Jean Nouvel built the Vesunna museum like a showcase; nearby, the Vesonius tower, an ancient part of a temple dedicated to the city's tutelary goddess. Finally, very close to the museum, the garden of the Arena, with the remains of the Roman amphitheatre of the 2nd century. Concerning its medieval and Renaissance period, the city has preserved the Mataguerre tower (1477), located on rue de la Bride, next to the Maison du Tourisme, the last tower of its ancient ramparts; the ruins of the Barrière castle (12th-15th century), in rue de Turenne, and many private mansions. The most interesting ones can be found in the protected area of the town centre, in the rue Limogeanne, with, among others, the Fayard hotel known as the "Maison Estignard" and, at numbers 1, 3 and 5, a group of houses dating from the Renaissance period; further on, on the banks of the river Isle and near the cathedral, you will notice an architectural ensemble known as "les maisons des Quais" (the houses on the quays), made up of three semi-detached residences: the Salleton hotel, the Consuls' house and the Lambert house. Of course, we can't miss the Saint-Front cathedral, which reminds us that we are here on one of the major roads leading to Santiago de Compostela. Finally, along with the Vesunna museum already mentioned above, Périgueux is home to the Art and Archaeology Museum of Périgord and the Military Museum of Périgord.

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