In Gascony, roumiou means "pilgrim" (we read the same etymology as for... Romeo!). The village has kept in its name the memory of the German monk Albert who, returning from a pilgrimage to Compostela, stopped there to found a small community that prospered. Today, as in the past, the pilgrim on the via Podiensis makes a restorative stop at the collegiate church of Saint-Pierre de La Romieu, after the episcopal city of Lectoure, just before arriving in Condom. La Romieu is a charming village full of flowers. Its church, with its fortress-like appearance, is impressive, while the cloister, particularly elegant, lets you admire its arcades and the finesse of its knife-bladed pillars. One notices curious statuettes of cats on the walls and on the window sills of the plot, in reference to the legend of Angeline and the cats (see below). There's a lot of serenity emanating from this village of old stones... The visit continues with that of the Coursiana Gardens and why not the cliff and caves of La Romieu.

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