The name Condom would come from the Latin condatomagus, "market of the confluence", because a stream - the Gèle - also waters it before flowing into the Baïse. And not of the condom with Anglo-Saxon origins, a similarity which incites our friends across the Channel to take souvenir photos of the town's entrance sign... The noble Gascon city is amused by this and rather remembers the not so distant time when it was the hub of the Armagnac trade. Former episcopal city, it gathers in its canton a complete range of the jewels of Gascony. St. Peter's Cathedral is an example of late Gothic, with a light and luminous nave, flanked by an admirable 16th-century cloister and a square rebuilt in a style that is, let's say, indefinable. A little further on, the Armagnac museum: stills and bottles were once produced by Gascon glassmakers, and the old 18th century hotels (hotels in Polignac, Cugnac, etc.). Don't leave Condom without taking a boat trip on the Baïse, a small tour that allows you to discover the history of the river and the Armagnac trade.

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