The pretty spa town stretches out on the slopes of the volcanoes and looks out over the plain of Limagne. Its name would come from Guy's castle, namely Guy II - or Guion in Occitan - count of Auvergne in the 12th century. He had his castle built there, but today there is only a castle mound that dominates the village. This one grows first around his calvary, seeking the protection of his lord, then with the cultivation of the vine. The thermal activity of Châtel-Guyon only started late, in the 19th century, unlike the other thermal towns of the region active since Antiquity. Its thermal baths are built there after studies on the medical benefits of its springs, which have a unique magnesium content. These properties make the thermal baths of Châtel-Guyon a privileged place for the care of digestive diseases and rheumatism. Châtel-Guyon is a stopover for walkers and architecture lovers alike, with its flamboyant airs of Art Deco and colonial inspiration, mixed with a resolutely Auvergne style. It is also popular with cyclists. Connected bicycle stations have been installed to allow tourists to follow different routes and discover the surrounding area.

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