Located between the Bay of Pollença to the north and the Bay of Alcúdia to the south, this small fortified town, 60 km from Palma, was, under the name of Pollentia, the Roman capital of the Balearic Islands in the first century AD. Once the city was taken from the Phoenicians who founded it, Consul Caecillius Metellus organised it before creating Palma. It is undoubtedly the oldest town on the island. From this city you can still see some ruins and especially the theatre. It was devastated by the Vandals in the 5th century, then a new town was founded by the Moors who gave it its present name, Al Kudia meaning "at the top". The town centre is an invitation to stroll through its narrow streets and between its stone houses. But Alcúdia is above all a fortified city, with its beautifully restored walls (from the time of the Reconquest, 14th century) that make it a fortified city. With these towers and the palm trees planted at the foot of the city walls, the imagination takes you to Morocco in front of a fortified medina. A wink to the past and a visit not to be missed!

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