Saltworks are a privileged place for their natural beauty. Ses Salines National Park is a 400-hectare complex of salt marshes that were exploited by Phoenicians, Romans and Muslims. Today, it is a place of great ecological value as it is the crossing point of several species of migratory birds, recently declared a protected area. A large dirt car park on the left, which has become a paying car park, allows access on foot between the dunes and the pines. You come out on the long and beautiful beach of Ses Salines. Cosmopolitan, very fashionable, it's the beach to see and be seen, especially when you get there by boat! For dining on the beach, the Malibú restaurant is very famous for its cuisine, and is very popular in the summer with a cosmopolitan clientele and celebrities (especially footballers!). Music is also very present.

From the beach of Ses Salines, a walk along the cliffs to the tower of Ses Portes will make you appreciate the beauty of the landscape, with Formentera in the distance, the islets of Espalmador and Espardell, and the island of Es Penjat topped by its lighthouse. Along the way, you will discover small creeks that are much quieter than Ses Salines. Beauty guaranteed!

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