An age-old rivalry pits the aristocratic Ciutadella against the English Maó. It was the capital of the island until it was transferred by the British conquerors to Maó in the 18th century. The episcopal see of the island, created in the 4th century, has remained in Ciutadella, a significant advantage in a Catholic area. For the inhabitants of Maó, Ciutadella is a city "sold" to tourism, while the inhabitants of Ciutadella consider Maó to be an outdated and charmless city.

The whole city of Ciutadella is a museum, with its narrow streets that take you to who knows what medina, its villas hung above the port. Ciutadella is secretive and diffuses an unfathomable atmosphere. Located at the western end of Menorca, Ciutadella is 45 km from Maó. It currently has a population of nearly 30,000. Its port, the second largest on the island, is deeply embedded in a ria, a sort of natural harbour in the shape of a gully, dug into the cliff, and which runs deep into the heart of the old town.

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