Not so long ago, Grand Bay was just a small fishing village spread out along a beautiful white sandy beach, peaceful and planted with filaos. Over the years, the hamlet has changed radically in appearance. On either side of the coastal road, the scenery, now more mundane, stands loose and in disorder: supermarkets, shops, bars, apartments, guesthouses, hotels and rentals of all kinds. Invaded by restaurants and shops, the centre is not really worth a stay except for night owls or shopping addicts! If the colour of the lagoon is still magnificent, if the bay remains superb, the filaos have almost disappeared and one has the impression of bathing in the city. There aren't really any more beaches apart from the Cuvette beach (and the superb one, bordering the Royal Palm Hotel... for high-end customers only, then). Moreover, the bay is invaded by boats, sailboats, launches, catamarans and all kinds of craft. To really appreciate the beauty of the lagoon, go instead to the immense beaches of Trou aux Biches and Mont Choisy or enjoy a superb panoramic seascape from Cap Malheureux (a few kilometres further north).

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