The peninsula of Le Morne, shaped like a hammer head, is one of the island's most magical sites. Towards the open sea, the waves roll and crash against the coral reef. In the centre, a few dozen metres from the sea, dominates the Morne Brabant, the highest point of the south-western region, at 555 m. This stocky mountain, shaped like a sugar loaf, was used in the 19th century as a refuge for runaway slaves. Believing that they were about to be captured, when the end of slavery was announced, they preferred to throw themselves off the summit in 1835. Le Morne gained a sacred and almost mystical dimension, which continues to this day and sustains the beliefs...

In July 2008, it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as a witness and universal symbol of the struggle of slaves for freedom. This life-saving distinction has made it possible to cut short all the real estate projects inherent to the sector, which is not the case for the Morne beach, whose access to the general public is reduced year after year by the multiplication of hotel constructions. It must be said that with its immaculate sand, its edge of filaos, its immense lagoon and the grandiose spectacle offered permanently by the steep cliffs of the Morne, the peninsula is absolutely sumptuous! Despite the alignment of several hotels, it still retains a wild and somewhat theatrical appearance. Its southern section remains the roughest: windy (windsurfing spot), agitated (huge waves on the coral reef, international kitesurfing spot) and deserted at its extreme tip. There, past the infrastructures, a strip of immaculate sand unfolds, dominated by mountains coming to die in the lagoon. Although shaded, it is in full wind: to be preferred in summer rather than in winter.

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