No ostentation in this picturesque and humble village that scatters its tin-roofed huts among the tropical trees. Its name is that of the former owner of the premises, François-Régis Chazal de Chamarel, the ancestor of Malcolm de Chazal, one of the greatest Mauritian painters and authors. The place is best known for its Terres de Sept Couleurs (Seven Coloured Earths) located on the Bel Ombre sugar estate. But it actually offers many other attractions and curiosities. Previously quiet, the village has benefited for several years now from numerous facilities: the gallery of illusion (Curious Corner), tables d'hôtes, charming guesthouses, exclusive lodge, rum distillery, reserves where you can discover the natural heritage of the island... More than just a place of passage, Chamarel is becoming THE green destination of the island, a place to put down your suitcases for 2 or 3 nights, and even for an entire stay since the sea is after all only 20 minutes away by car and you can easily come and go by day while enjoying a green setting for the evening and the night ... Aware of the potential, the operators of Chamarel decided to pool their forces and created the Chamarel Spirit, an association aimed at promoting the village and developing it. Signage has been improved, some buildings have been embellished, a training programme is underway for the table d'hôtes owners... Eventually, a tourist information centre and a craft village should be created, and specific events will be set up to boost the destination... Quite a program!

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