After Baie du Cap, we arrive at this village known for its large sugar refinery, whose remains, restored, form a marvellous ensemble. The estate which houses it, and which extends over hundreds of hectares inland, contains several waterfalls (including the 500-foot waterfall) and beautiful uncultivated plots where it is possible to see deer, bats and rare birds. The administrators and owners of the cane fields engage in stalking (deer and wild boar), which explains the presence of tracks and watchtowers in the unplanted areas. These are private, but partly open to tourists, who enjoy pleasant leisure areas. It is on part of this land and to the south of it, on the edge of the lagoon, that property developers have given shape to the fantasies of large hotel groups via several 4 and 5 star establishments. Two of them, the Heritage le Telfair and the Heritage Awali are grouped together in a vast land and seaside leisure area - Heritage Bel Ombre - which includes luxury villas, a reserve where you can practice outdoor activities (trekking, quad, buggy, 4x4), an 18-hole par 72 golf course of 6 440 m, a trendy beach club with bar/restaurants/kite/water sports.... and the usual plethora of hotel and restaurant facilities - including a gastronomic table in a magnificent old 19th century castle. On the sea side, the area has several kilometres of developed beaches, sometimes a little windy and rainy, but located in the heart of a still wild area, at close distance from a multitude of green activities: an interesting compromise for outdoor holidays, out of overly touristic areas. Of course, we are here on the most isolated coast of the island, so there is no shopping in the immediate vicinity. But this helps to create a feeling of calm and exclusivity, reinforced by a landscape of green hills in the background.

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