Although Tamarin is booming, like all this part of the West Coast where more and more expatriates are choosing to pack their bags, it remains a small town of character with a somewhat drowsy and very surf-style atmosphere. Not that there are more rollers here than anywhere else, but definitely exceptional the rare times of the year when the waves deign to take shape, from June to September, the month of gliding in Mauritius. And then, shh! Real nice spot for the purists of the discipline! The rest of the time, it is a beautiful arched beach, not very touristy, less lagoony than the others but just as beautiful in its mangrove swamp at the mouth of the rivers. In the background, like a scenic backdrop, stands the Rampart Mountain, and straight ahead, a bay now known throughout the island for its resident dolphin group, which attracts large numbers of spectators. The village is also known for its important saltworks, visible from the roadside, and well worth a visit before this heritage disappears in favour of real estate projects, as will unfortunately be partially the case in the coming years despite the battle fought by the defenders of the historic buildings.

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