Pereybère is less extensive and less lively than Grand Baie, but is still a busy little town that can be a friendly place to spend your holidays (trying to avoid staying along the busy coastal road). In front of the public beach, there is a semblance of a small centre with a few restaurants, bars and shops. The beach is pretty although not very extensive, and there is often a lack of space during busy periods, but it is a popular and very nice place to chat with Mauritians. Some days, you can even meet a sand sculptor who makes amazing ephemeral works there!

To sunbathe in peace and quiet, walk along the sea to the north for 500 metres. There, past the Pointe d'Azur, is 1 km of superb beaches with a view of the Coin de Mire island. Inaccessible by road, these stretches of sand are almost private and depend on the superb villas (campsites) that dominate them. Don't panic, however, as the rich owners are only there at weekends and tolerate tourists on their stretch of coastline, which, it should be remembered, is public in the intermediate space delimited by the high tide.

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