As much mining as thermal, the amazing history of this small town is faithfully recounted in the Museum Les Mémoires de Cransac. The municipality has gone from one activity to another, always making the most of the bowels of its mountain. Here, we are in the country of "the mountain that burns" also called "Vesuvius Aveyron".
From this mountain, sulphurous mineral waters gush out at the foot of the hill at 280 °C. Their healing properties for liver, intestinal and skin diseases have been known since the Roman Empire! In addition to the water, there are hot natural gas ovens that are particularly effective against rheumatism. Chirac, Louis XV's doctor, also recommended the benefits of a cure in Cransac! Thermal activity was at its peak in the 19th century with a thermal park, numerous hotels and a casino.
At the same time as this thermal activity, the mining activity develops: underground and open-cast mines are born, about thirty mine shafts criss-cross the village, more than 3,000 workers work in these coal mines. This dazzling economic development led to the cessation of the exploitation of the thermal waters in Cransac. When the mines closed in 1961, Cransac was renewed thanks to its thermal baths linked to natural gas ovens, a unique phenomenon in Europe. Since 2003, a brand new thermal establishment welcomes more than 5,000 curists per year.

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