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Nancy, prefecture of Meurthe-et-Moselle, has 107,000 inhabitants, with a very large tourist and student population all year round. It was the political capital of the Duchy of Lorraine until it became part of the Kingdom of France in 1766. Stanislas Leszczyński, father-in-law of Louis XV and former king of Poland, was, from 1737 until that date, the last Duke of Lorraine and Bar. He marked Nancy with great achievements, including the square named after him, in the centre of today's city. Three major historical periods are visible when walking through the streets: the Middle Ages, with the old town (bounded by the Basilica of Saint-Epvre and the Craffe Gate, linked together by the Grande-Rue, where the church of the Cordeliers and the ducal palace are located), the 18th century, represented by the Place Stanislas, the Place de la Carrière and the Place d'Alliance (all listed as Unesco World Heritage Sites), and, finally, the 1900s, materialized by the houses and buildings of the École de Nancy, mainly on the side of the station and the Saint-Léon, Saurupt and Sainte-Marie districts (do not miss the villa Majorelle, at 1 rue Louis Majorelle). A tourist guide to Nancy will explain it to you, it is necessary to see in priority the place Stanislas and the old town. With a little more time, extend your visit to the cathedral, just 200 m from Stanislas Square.

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When to go to Nancy? The city can be visited in any season, even if the summer season is much more pleasant. But even when the weather is not right, the architectural richness of Place Stanislas, the cultural, commercial and gastronomic richness of Nancy will revive your eyes and taste buds. In October, Nancy Jazz Pulsations will offer you an additional attraction. And from the end of November to the beginning of January, the Saint-Nicolas festivities bring the city to life with illuminations, a large parade, a brass band and various activities.

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La célèbre place Stanislas, Nancy - Ivan BASTIEN - iStockphoto
Arc de Triomphe place Stanislas - ERWAN LE PRUNNEC - ICONOTEC
Le spectacle Son et Lumière 2011 sur la place Stanislas - Stéphane Belin

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When to travel?

When to go to Nancy? The city can be visited in any season, even if the summer season is much more pleasant. But even...
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Nancy's climate is technically described as degraded oceanic or semi-continental. The continental climate is much mor...
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